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Not sure where to get started on your SEO journey? Let me take a quick look at your site. 🔍 I'll put my expert SEO goggles on and send you a report of my findings. The best part? I'll also send some steps YOU can actually take to improve your standings!

Find Out Your Website's SEO Score!

Let's figure out your starting point. I'll uncover your site's authority score, see how you're doing from a technical standpoint, and more.

Discover The Keywords You Already Rank For!

Work smarter not harder. Before you start creating content targeting new keywords, let's check and see if you're already showing up for any search terms.

Get a List of Actions YOU Can Take Immediately!

This is the fun part. I'll review my findings, combine them with my knowledge of SEO, and send over a list of actionable steps you can take TODAY to improve your site's performance.

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Unfortunately we've reached our limit of 25 audits! If you are interested in working with me or discussing your site's SEO, feel free to email me:

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